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Soul Back Up Book: Sleep

Updated: Jul 7, 2021


If you have the time and option in any time or situation in life you should take a nap, when you know thats what you need. You know what you need if you take a short moment and try to understand how you feel.

If you think you need to nap or sleep more or just be by yourself, than do it. It’s good, its the right decision because there is no other decision to be made. And you will see that you will feel better afterwards and while doing it!

Ban any doubts you might have. Is it healthy to sleep that much? Am I lazy? Do I disappoint my loved ones? If you can't or don't want to force yourself against your need, than ban these doubts and accept all the consequences which might come with making a desicion.

There is nothing wrong with being tired.

First of all do what your body demands. Afterwards and in generel you can start thinking about your needs. Why are they there and if something is causing them. For example: Do I overload myself? And, do I need more breaks in my daily life? Or maybe you can't change your circumstances and sleep is just a solution to you. That would be fine as well. Sleep is after nutrition the most import need for any mammal. If you lack in rest, than soon you will lack in life quality. Without enough sleep you will older faster and get more often sick and demand even more rest.

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